There is a reason for everything that I do (owner of Cashciety).  I have a love for all people alike that I cannot explain, an unconditional love that has no boundaries.  I want to help the world in any and all ways that I personally can.  Anytime I see anyone with an issue in my line of vision, I stop to ask if they need any assistance.  I am that person that will see you walking through the parking lot (on your way to the door), although I am already walking through the door, I will stand there and wait, all the while holding the door open for you to walk through.  I don’t always get a “thank you,” but that is okay.  It does not bother me.  I do not allow for the little things in life to bother me.  Believe you me, there are a lot of “little things,” in life that can test your patience lol..

I had a mother..  She is not walking this earth anymore.  She laid down to rest without a goodbye, in January of 2016.  She was a single mother of two children and a grandmother to my two children.  She started living on the streets of Toronto at the age of 15.  She lived the hardest life I have ever known.  I want to tell her story and I will in later posts.  Please brace yourself, for her story includes graphic stories of abuse in every way from both her father, mother and favorite uncle.  No child or human being should of ever had to endure situations like those.

I created Cashciety out of the love I have for my mother and love for all the worlds people.  As my mother, Carolina, did not make much more than minimum wage, she lived paycheck to paycheck.  She was not the best saver, okay fine, she did not save two pennies, ever.  After all, she was a single mother of two children that were 16 (sixteen) months apart.  Her husband (my father) left her after being together for 10 (ten) years.

He left while she was (he left in the middle of the night) at night school getting her hair dressing certification, when their children were just 5 (five) & 6 (six) years old (I was that 6 year old child and I remember waking up in the middle of the night, walking into the kitchen and asking him questions about where he was going with all his suit cases, all the while watching him take all the money out of the jar they kept on top of the fridge)!  He took everything of value with him.  He even took the penny jar in the closet!  Wow!  He then met someone else while in Quebec (that is the Province he moved to) and they had a child, a son.

Looking for the help she deserved, my mother turned to the courts.  The father (my father, piece of garbage) denied all relations to my mother and her children (myself and my brother), he stated in court documents that he did “not know where,” my brother and I came from, that he did not know us (I have the original court documents, as she saved them for my brother and I so we would know the truth).  So she had to fight tooth and nail through Canada’s court system as well as the court system of Quebec.  Quebec wanted to be its own country at one time, they have different laws governing that Province.  Which just made things even more difficult for her, thus taking years longer for her to get justice.  All to just get the help that she needed to feed and clothe my brother and I.

Seeing my mother live a life like that, counting all her pennies everyday of her life, all I wanted to do for her, for forever plus a day, was make her life as easy as I possibly could.  I got a job at 16 years old so I could buy my own clothes and shoes, as well as pay for my own monthly bus pass.  Just so she could have one less bill, which was myself.

With all these financial factors in place, she still somehow found some extra money to order my brother and I some pizza here and there, or take us out to an affordable restaurant (Chinese food or Mcdonalds and other places similar).  To my mother Carolina, a good tip was $2.00.  No matter what the price of the bill was, she tipped $1.00 or $2.00, whatever she could afford.  She was shunned and given dirty looks all while receiving bad attitudes from all the servers she had come across.  The thing was, she wasn’t being cheap, she truly could not afford it and squeezed out that extra amount of money to take my brother and I out.  She said we deserved it.

With all this being stated, she played the lottery and contests every single week.  For the lottery alone was $6.00 per ticket, per week.  All she could afford was one ticket per week in hopes of some day winning a decent amount of money.  She would never know, that she would never win a single lottery or contest, in her lifetime.

So I went down to the ABC’s, you know, the 123’s of all the lotteries and contests.  They all had one thing in common, they allowed multiple entries.  I saw this as unfair and unjust due to the nature of a persons income level.  Simple mathematics told me that someone with more money could afford to buy more tickets, thus in itself, having upped their chances of winning.

Today I am writing this to let all the contestants know, I have started this contest of skill for all people in all walks of life.  I absolutely love math.  So the love of my mother, mixed with my love of numbers, created  This equal opportunity contest of skill is for all to get that extra helping hand for less than what you would tip a waiter and/or waitress.