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     Why Cashciety was even started was because of the dedication and love I have towards my late mother.  She was the most amazing mother to her two children and an incredible grandmother to my two children.  She was a struggling single mother her entire life.  Living paycheck to paycheck like some of us do, she made ends meet as a sales associate for the BCLDB (which is short for British Columbia’s Liquor Distribution Board), a wonderful hardworking hair stylist and a well loved security guard for the DOJ (Department of Justice in downtown Vancouver, BC).  She won many awards as a Security Guard and everything she did, she did it to the best of her abilities.

     She had passed away in January of 2016 of liver cancer at 57 years old.  Her name is Carolina.  She loved to play the lottery every week, which ended up being for 38 years straight!  She never missed one and never won anything of significance.  She could only afford 1 ticket and she needed that extra $6.00 a week, but she spent it anyway..

I don’t know about you but for me, I just felt that the lottery was not equal.  I felt if an entrant had more income than another entrant did, they would be able to purchase more lottery tickets if they wanted to, in a mathematical perspective.  I myself love math and working with numbers.

     In honor of her memory, I have decided to create an Equal Opportunity Contest of Skill.  Only one entry per person per contest.  Each entry will contribute to the ever rising Cash Prize Pool.  The date the cash prize pool stops rising is on the drawing date (please see Long Rules).

     The cash then resets back to $100 and the Cash Prize Pool will be on the rise all over again for the next contest drawing date.  With that being said, you will be able to win a limitless amount of cash.  Depending on how many entrants there are per month will determine the amount you win when you answer the Skill Testing Question correctly (exact winning details are located in the “Long Rules“).

     I want people to have an equal chance at actually winning a good amount of cash just using their math skills we spent years learning in school.  This is a family owned business that wants to help people catch a break and cash a check with just your pocket change. 

Signed The Daughter of my wonderful mother Carolina,

Richelle M.

CEO of Cashciety.

“A photo of my mother Carolina Grant, as a child in 1965.”

old photo for cash money contest of my late wonderful mother