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Cash Competitions and Contests Canada (& the world)

By: Alicia Milligan

Let’s talk about the competitive Cash Contests in Canada. Or how about the lack there of, Cash Contests in Canada. I believe that this limitless cash contest in Canada is one of a kind. A one of a kind to the world! The limitless cash prize has me feeling excited for everyone!

There is a saying I like to say, “don’t be one of the last to jump on the bandwagon.” That personally translates to me as, “do not be the last to do whatever it is that you want to do.” If there is any advice I can give anyone out there, it is to go get your dreams and make them into a reality.

My goal with these cash money competitions is to unite as much of the world as possible and let everyone know that together, we DO make a difference; even with just our pocket change. It has been proven that there is and has always been, strength in numbers. Never forget that.

The only types of Cash Competitions or Cash Contests in Canada that I currently see are contests giving away gift cards. I personally thought a gift card was a gift card, not cash money. Then again, maybe that’s just me. Or, maybe they just aren’t truly cash contests or cash competitions.

Want to know why gift cards are given instead of cash money? Drum roll please.. . That’s right! They can write it off. It is very difficult for corporations to write off cash money spent. It makes much more sense for the business tax-wise, but what about the people? Aren’t contests not only in Canada, but in every country, for the people?

What about people needing to pay whatever it is that they need to pay? Bills, tuition, health, dental, mortgage, the list could go on. Gift cards are great, don’t get me wrong. The only thing you cannot do with a gift card is treat it like cash money. When I personally win a cash contest, I expect to be paid in just that, cash money.

All in all, I have yet to find another contest of skill located in Canada, UK, France, United States or any other country for that matter, that offers cash money as a prize other than a lottery. Not just any amount of cash money, a limitless amount of cash money. This contest of skill is not just for Canada, it is for most of the 195 Countries that make up our earth (it would be for all countries if other countries allowed it).

Getting people to know the REAL US and what we’re all about.

Making people aware that in large numbers, we can make a large difference.

Always willing to take on new challenges.