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Competitive Money

By: alicia milligan

     People are the definition of competitive money.  Money doesn’t just fall from trees on the days that we need it.  You always set yourself up in the now, for later.  Just like when hockey legend Wayne Gretzky gets on the ice, he sets himself up for his chance to get a shot at that goal.  That goal did not just fall in his lap, he set himself up for that one.  Please believe that.

     You’ve probably heard the saying “Scared money don’t make no money.”  In a way, it is correct.  Take chances, make mistakes, then make BiGGer mistakes!  That’s what life is all about.  I guarantee you that on more than one of those occasions, it will not be a mistake.  You will be glad you took that chance.

     Back to the competitiveness of this cash money contest I’ve developed.  Competitiveness in itself is a natural action in animals.  Being in competition with one another is a competitive human action in pretty much all areas of life big or small.  From having the nicest car, to the nicest home and let us not forget about having the most cash!

     Cashciety is competing with Lotto Max for example, yes with the competitive Lotto Max you could possibly win a lot more money, but the odds of that are incredibly slim and will be outlined below in this post.  For a quick example, my mother played weekly for 38 years and did not win any cash.  Possibly a few Free Tickets.  Oh wait, do I hear the crickets chirping?

     Cashciety’s odds are self explanatory.  Our odds do not include long sets of numbers that have you ending up not even really knowing what your true chances of winning are, because you also have to think of the possibility that someone has bought more than just one ticket, so again, your odds have just sank down into oblivion.

     We are hugely competitive with our competition, the Lotto Max, Lotto 649 and even the NY Lotto.  Cashciety has a 1 (one) entry per person per contest policy.  So your ODDS OF WINNING WILL NEVER CHANGE.  One of our competitors, Lotto Max can’t say that.

     Cashciety is an equal opportunity contest of skill run in Canada.  We allow residents from the United Kingdom, France, Europe, the United States and most of the 195 countries of the world to join in if they choose to do so. 

     To that, I would ask that those individuals check with their countries laws on Competition Contests.  90% of Countries allow this but they also Tax You so pleasae be mindful of this.

  Cashciety has a 1st place winner on every single one of our contest drawings that we run like clock work.


Cashciety’s competitive cash questions are meant to make you think.

Think about turning Pocket Change into something other than Pocket Change..

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