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Top 10 rated Contests in Canada 2019

By: Alicia Milligan

     Here are the Top 10 (ten) Contests in Canada.  They are not very hard to find.  Unless you are a new  contest in Canada, now that might be a challenge.  I have only listed the Top Ten, most used Contest sites in Canada.

     I have taken the time to compile a list of a few Contests in Canada that I feel would be of interest to you or anybody else out there looking to find new contests to join, that will actually pay out.  You want substance in a good contest, I know where to find it (I love contests, I love being competitive).  

     They are places where you can win free stuff, kind of like sweepstakes and giveaways mostly in Canada and the United States.  There is an interesting cash contest labeled CASHCIETY and your payout is always money.  Your prize has you eligible to win an unlimited amount of cash.  If I find more Cash Contests of skill somewhere on the web, I will make sure I update this post.

1. ContestGirl – (A really great one!)

2. – (When you want to Win Cash Money!)





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