So I started what I now call my in-house “Hardship Assistance Fund.”  I started it due to my experience with the wonderful government.  I currently feel and felt that the government was giving assistance to low income individuals that was not enough.  People just need more money.

In British Columbia, they provide a single person with two children an average amount of $1,000 per month to pay the rent, the bills and all food costs.  Rent for a 1 (one) bedroom apartment is around, if not more, than $1,000 per month.  On top of that, good luck finding a place that will allow 3 (three) people to live in a 1 (one) bedroom.  Again, speaking from my own personal experience.

I have set up this fund in place to help every single person in Canada (excluding Quebec because they have some nasty, extra financial clause laws for all publicly run contests) and the United States, no matter your income level.  In each Country there are limitations to the amount of money you earn, versus the amount of assistance the government will give you.  For my Hardship Assistance Fund, there is no specific income level set.

I have done this because at the end of the day, we are all people.  We are not just numbers on top of numbers.  One day something could happen to where you will not be able afford your bus pass at the end of the month, car insurance or one of your utility bills.  If you make $30,000+ per year, the government will look over you like we look over the ocean to see an island in the distance.

I do not know of any extra assistance where people making over $30,000 a year can get help if they need it.  I want to be that helping entity.  That helping entity that when the government says “no,” I have the ability to say “yes.”  I am personally funding this by myself with a portion of the proceeds Cashciety receives from the entries (you may view the breakdown of the entry in the “Long Rules,” section).

Please submit one (1) bill per Family Registry Form.  I will be personally overseeing all Family Registry submissions.  Do remember I have been in this exact position and do know all the tricks of the trade, so please, only enter your bill if you truly need the help.  Please do not take help away from a family that truly needs it.

On another note, if you would like to donate to help families in peril, you may contact by email or make an anonymous PayPal donation/tip in any amount you wish on our PayPal checkout option.  Cashciety is not a registered charity, just a person that wants to help others.